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OPTasks: Home

OPTasks is a Task list (or Todo list) for PocketPC. It is compatible with the windows mobile bundled software (pocket outlook), but it is different because:

  • It is more flexible
  • The task list can hold more tasks in a single screen because of smaller font
  • Same for categories, and the list is scrollable
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation
  • Four filters to control task list contents
  • Quink insert mode: to create a new task, just type the subject and click enter! (version 0.5 and newer only)
Planned features include import/export functionalities, advanced clipboard support, configuration and personalization, templates, cosmetic improvements and others.
OPTasks is offered to you as freeware. See the application's about box for more info.


2008-01-09: Version 0.6 available. Changes:

  • menus has been reorganized to be more coherent; two soft buttons instead of icons on the toolbar
  • priority on quick insert has been added
  • text prediction on quick insert has been fixed for mobile 2003, still losing the first letter on mobile 6 (don't know about WM5)
  • new pretty icon! (thanks milkiller)
  • "enter" or action button were not working on category list in WM6, fixed
  • the "homepage" menu item wasn't working on WM6, fixed
  • the about box had a scrollbar even if it all fit
  • made it a bit faster drawing

2007-12-17: Version 0.5 available. Changes:

  • This version is compiled for Windows Mobile 2003 second edition! Tested to work up to windows mobile 6
  • Support screen orientation changes
  • New quick insert mode: to create a new task, just type the subject and click enter
  • Some keyboard shortcuts added: tab for categories, backspace for remove task
  • Newer versions of windows mobile insert empty subject on empty tasks, now supported

2005-07-06: Version 0.4 available. Changes:

  • New shortcuts and hardware buttons: left and right arrows, change category back and forward
  • Context menu for tasks, activated by tap-and-hold or click-and-hold of action button (used for one-hand operations)
  • Stats dialog, shows some info on tasks
  • New "Show all" menu item, resets all filters. Can be used before a "global search"
  • Some optimizations on category list
  • Some buxfixes on category cycling
  • "Delete all" renamed to "Delete listed"

2005-06-07: Version 0.3.3 available. Changes:

  • Help file included now!
  • If you assign a hardware button to OPTasks, clicking it when the program is in foreground will change current category
  • Ctrl-a shortcut reassigned to active/completed/all filter
  • Some optimizations, including reduced refreshes of task list
  • No bugfixes this time ;-)

2005-06-04: I'm completing a new version of OPTasks. I need your feedback about a simple thing i can't figure out myself. As you probably know, OPTasks use the system dialogs for editing tasks. When you click on "new task" and change your mind, there is no "cancel" button, just the "OK", so what i get if you just click the latter is a task with an empty subject. Well, not empty, it would be too easy that way, i actually get the "Empty subject" subject, that's what windows CE writes on it. Since i want to delete this newly created task because it is void, i can only look at the subject to see if it's equal to "empty subject", but this is ok for english only! So I put in two strings for english and italian, but i need your feedback for the other languages, so please write me to tell what windows writes as empty subject in your language! Thanks!

2005-04-14: Posted a cab file with a Pocket PC 2002 specific build. Use it if you have a PDA with Windows for PocketPC 2002. You can find it in the download page as usual.

2005-04-08: Version 0.3.2 available. Changes:

  • added clear button on search dialog
  • fixed a bug on category filter with values being a substring of an existing category
  • esc on category dialog works now
  • some code cleanups, smaller executable
  • move (change category), shortcut ctrl-m
  • fixed a bug handling categories with spaces in the name

2005-04-03: OPTasks 0.3.1 has been reviewed in japanese, russian and german!

2005-03-25: Version 0.3.1 available. Changes:

  • fixed a small memory leak (limited to the application)
  • show future tasks function (current, future, all)
  • added [f] indicator
  • keyboard shortcuts: ctrl-space changed to just space, ctrl-f search, ctrl-t active/completed/all, ctrl-d current/future/all
  • some task list speedups
  • bugfixes

2005-03-08: Version 0.3 available. Changes:

  • homepage menu item
  • toolbar tooltips
  • filter by text (search)
  • active/completed/all (completed filter) + [c] indicator
  • rename dialog, useful to see long subjects not fitting into the task list
  • bugfixes

2005-02-19: Version 0.2.2 available. Changes:

  • R (recurrent) and D (due) indicators added
  • "Delete all" function. Works on tasks currently listed
  • Accelerators (keyboard shortcuts) for most functions
  • Icons changed
  • Misc. enhanchments
  • Bugfixes

2005-02-13: Version 0.2 out! Get it in the Download section.

2005-02-05: Version 0.1 is near completion.

Shortcuts (up to version 0.3.2, following versions have built-in help with current shortcuts)

ins, ctrl-nnew task
deldelete task
enteropen task
ctrl-rrename task (can also be used to see long subjects)
spacemark task completed
+raise task priority
-lower task priority
ctrl-mmove task (change category)
ctrl-ccategory list
ctrl-tactive/completed/all state
ctrl-dcurrent/future/all date
ctrl-ffilter by string (search)
ctrl-aabout box
ctrl-qexit program