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Grsync: Changes

Grsync Release history:

Version 1.3.1
	Fixed Desktop file compatibility (thanks Voyageur)
	Fixed nested functions with llvm (https://sourceforge.net/p/grsync/patches/9/) (thanks Ganael)
	Modernized glade file (converted to gtk3 3.22 using Glade 3.38.2, thanks genodeftest)
	Fixed rsync output not expanding vertically
	Grsync-batch: added "Halt on failure" support
	Moved default config directory from user home to .config
	Some AC updates
	Added Japanese translation (thanks Green)
	Updated French translation (thanks Daria)
	Updated Czech translation (thanks Petr)

Version 1.3.0
	Gtk3 compatibility (some compile warnings left) (thanks Balló and Ganael)
	Removed Maemo support, platform is obsolete
	Added escaping of arguments containing spaces when printing rsync command line output
	Updated Spanish translation (thanks Charles)

Version 1.2.8
	Fixed possible issue on log writing
	Fixed "trailing slash" dialog disappearing forever when "close" title button clicked
	Updated Russian translation (thanks Vadim)
	Replaced "execute" icon with "media-play" icon to avoid confusion with "settings"
	Fixed ALT-E keybinding conflict
	Fixed session set execution by commandline only running first 2 sessions
	Fixed execution by commandline not honoring "stay open" switch
	Replaced deprecated calls using GTimeVal
	Unity support defaults to disabled
	Updated German translation (thanks Gerd)

Version 1.2.7 (untagged)
	Updated Swedish translation (thanks Påvel)
	Added Greek translation (thanks Vangelis)
	Added Portuguese translation (thanks Alberto)

Version 1.2.6
	Don't save "default" session to ini file when "remember last used session" is off
	Better "before command" error notification
	Added "overwrite logs" preferences option
	Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Åka)
	Updated Russian translation (thanks Alex)
	Updated German translation (thanks Andre)
	Updated Swedish translation (thanks Påvel)
	Updated Simplified Chinese translation (thanks Tommy)
	Enhanced and translated desktop file
	Updated README file

Version 1.2.5
	Fixed an uninitialized variable warning
	Fixed current session type change on new session creation
	Fixed selection of sessions in set
	Removed "switch source with destination" keyboard shortcut
	Fixed pause and stop when running as superuser (it may ask the password multiple times)
	Added Hungarian translation (thanks Gabor)
	Updated French translation
	Updated Czech translation (thanks Petr)

Version 1.2.4
	Monospace font in the rsync output box
	Fix for compiling under newer versions of gcc (missing "-lm")
	Log files are now appended (instead of truncated) each time a new run is done
	Added date and time when starting a new rsync run (useful with logs)
	Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks Wei-Lun)

Version 1.2.3
	Do not allow creation of session names with slashes in them
	Lintian fixes to man pages and desktop file (thanks Martijn)

Version 1.2.2
	Increased size of source and destination fields
	Added Croatian translation (thanks Bojan)
	Updated German translation (thanks Dennis)
	Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks Fábio)

Version 1.2.1
	Enabled session sets (experimental, please report bugs)
	Added Unity support (progress bar)
	Fixed saving of current session when creating new one
	Little fix to main window layout for the two "open" buttons, which had some overflown translations
	Grsync-batch: fixed paths with spaces in them
	Optimization of global and file progress updates
	Fixed a translation problem on the "slashes" help dialog
	Updated Dutch translation (thanks Frank)

Version 1.2.0
	Very experimental support for session sets: disabled (unless you reenable it into the glade file) because too buggy and I wanted to make a release
	Fixed bug: didn't check "before command" exit status correctly
	Fixed bug: some rsync window titles aren't translatable
	Fixed bug: grsync-batch can't find last session in config file
	Fixed bug: output text is not selectable after something initially fails
	Added check for empty new session names
	Differentiated exit status in grsync-batch
	Some glade file cleanups "by-hand": unfortunately the file cannot be maintained by using glade, until a fixed version of it is released
	Auto window resize only on first window load
	Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks Fábio)
	Added Indonesian translation (thanks Waluyo)
	Updated French translation (thanks Phillippe)
	Updated Spanish translation (thanks Jorge)
	Updated Russian translation (thanks Alex)

Version 1.1.1
	Removed automatic addition of a trailing slash to source and destination directories
		WARNING: this changes the behavior from "copy contents of source dir" to "copy source dir and its contents",
		affects only source dirs selected from file chooser dialog.
		Also updated labels and "about trailing slash" dialog.
	Updated new functionalities of 1.1.0 for Maemo, added configuration backup support + other fixes
	Updated czech translation (thanks Lucas)
	Fixed tags in a french translation message
	Added "Rsync command line" menu item

Version 1.1.0
	"Use tray icon" preferences option added
	Autogen.sh script upgraded
	Modified Makefile.am to exclude subversion directories from the tar distribution file, other small fixes
	Added --protect-args option, on by default, solves the "remote filename with spaces" problem
	Fixed bug: doesn't save "itemized changes list" option
	French translation updated (Thanks François)
	Added mime type definition for grsync session files with icon
	Updated desktop file to open session files with "grsync -i"
	Made some fixes which could make grsync more stable on some systems
	Added "run as superuser" extra options switch, uses "pkexec" from policykit
	Added rsync child watch function
	Added rsync process exit status output
	Fixed behaviour when rsync window is closed not by using the close button
	Added "contribute" menu item
	Added workaround for freebsd and mac os X glib child watch problem
	Fixed scrolling to end on pause

Version 1.0.0
	Maemo compatibility patch merged with upstream (thanks Luca)
	Removed a gtk call added in version 0.9.3 which was the only one needing gtk >= 2.18
	Added help dialog about the trailing slash on directories
	Added -i option to import a session file from command line

Version 0.9.3
	Bug fixes:
		Fixed file permissions: some scripts were not executable
		Fixed grsync-batch to run on mac os x and other BSD derivated OSes
		Fixed main window position and size reset when closed with window manager's close button
		Added advanced option to disable directory recursion
		Added preferences option to enable the "switch source with destination" button
		New main window layout, more compact and pretty; changes include:
			new toolbar
			removed quit button
			introduced more stock buttons
			removed custom icons from buttons
			additional options in a multiline text entry field
			directories moved to "basic options" tab
			notes moved to "extra options" tab
			other little fixes to tooltips, accelerators etc.
		Authors information moved from AUTHORS file to about dialog
		German translation updated (thanks Martin)
		Italian translation had a wrong charset definition

Version 0.9.2
	grsync-batch: added itemize-changes option which was missing in 0.9.1
	Small fix to the pause button showing as "play" instead of "pause" in some occasions
	Catalan translation added (thanks Josep)
	"-s" command line option added, stays open on success
	Gtkbuilder xml file updated for glade 3.6.7
	Fixed bug: when wrong session specified on the command line with "-e", executes default session instead of nothing
	Fixed bug: grsync can't start when compiled against gtk >= 2.16.6
	Now prints an error and exits when unable to correctly load gtkbuilder xml file
	Dutch translation updated (thanks Frank)
	Italian translation updated
	Manpage updated

Version 0.9.1
		"itemize-changes" advanced rsync option added
		some code cleanup
	Rsync dialog:
		added "warning" button which opens the error list
		made "show error list when finished" preferences option default to false
		fixed some small memory leaks
		some cosmetic fixes
	Main window:
		focus on widgets didn't work before the window loosed focus

Version 0.9.0
	Converted from glade-2 with code generation to glade-3 with GtkBuilder
	Some deprecated GTK calls have been removed, now grsync requires GTK 2.16
	Due to the use of GtkBuilder and other optimizations and cleanups, many lines of code have been removed
	Found an acceptable way to make rsync window resizable, despite the presence of an expander
	Removed "switch source with destination" button (there is a menu item for the same purpose)
	Added "fast rsync scrolling" preferences switch
	Added extra option "on rsync error only" to limit the execution of the "after" command
	Italian translation updated (the others will need some work because of the move to GtkBuilder)
	"Notes" session field added
	Error dialog is now marked ad "urgent"
	New session dialog remembers last session name
	System menu: moved from applications/network to applications/system
	New bigger icon (Thanks Roberto)

Version 0.6.3
	Fixed regression bug "rsync output always open"
	Fixed crash on import session
	Made rsync output faster by scrolling to end of text box just every second instead of every line

Version 0.6.2
	Added Spanish translation (Thanks Ibon)
	Added Czech translation (Thanks Martin)
	Added Galician translation (Thanks Daniel)
	Little patch to solve the infamous "save session bug" (Thanks Louis)

Version 0.6.1
	Fixed some bad bugs in grsync-batch:
		Strings from the configuration or ini file where not quoted
		Check for command to execute after rsync was broken
		Look for /bin/bash shell script, not generic /bin/sh
		Fixed "did not load last session in ini file"
		Version number was outdated
	Hard links preserve option added
	Added option to stop before running rsync if the "pre" command fails
	French translation updated (Thanks Ianaré)
	When run with "-e" option, do not close the window automatically if there are errors (Thanks Nick)
	Removed "incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'round'" compile warning
	Little desktop file changes
	German translation added (Thanks Oliver)

Version 0.6
	Added windows compatibility option: workaround for FAT 2-seconds time resolution
	Added "--update" option
	Remembers window size and position
	Import and export session functions (save a single session to a file, insert it into your current set)
	New "grsync-batch" shell script file, installed by default, used to execute rsync on a grsync session
	Some documentation updates

Version 0.5.2
	Another patch by Luca Marturana for intltool and a couple of fixes in the italian translation

Version 0.5.1
	Intltool patch by Luca Marturana applied, should fix translation installation problems
	Turkish translation added (Thanks Doruk)
	Russian translation added (Thanks Evgenii)
	Added checkbox to select files instead of folders on browse source and destination
	Added "-e" commandline option to automatically execute the session and close grsync when finished

Version 0.5
	Rsync and error windows have been turned into dialogs, which are more appropriate
	Transient parents have been correctly set, meaning no more focus or iconify problems
	Added optional log file for sessions
	Preferences and add session dialogs layout changed
	Added optional "command to execute before" and "command to execute after" for each session
	Scrolling of text view has been enhanced
	Default values of preferences booleans are now working
	Specifying a session on command line didn't work if "remember last used session" was checked
	Tooltips have been enriched with text from "rsync --help"
	Some optimizations for dryrun (simulation) mode
	Some little enhancements to highlight if we are in simulation mode

Version 0.4.3
	Main window menu has been completed
	Accelerators has been added
	The interface has been enhanced and fixed in order to follow Gnome HIG guidelines,
		including some label changes (dry-run -> simulation) (Thanks Jeff)
	Another small fix in Makefile.am about DESTDIR
	Fedora spec file included in tarball

Version 0.4.2
	Now prints the rsync command with options before rsync output
	French translation updated again (what about updating the others too? ;-) )
	Rsync output text is made selectable and copyable into clipboard at run end
	Rsync run status is printed on rsync window title
	Paused time is now subtracted from total time
	Optionally (by configuration) show a window with all the errors encountered during the run when finished

Version 0.4.1
	Global progress with timings is added to main window title
	Rsync window now iconifies together with the main window
	Fixed a bug which prevented grsync from running if no config file is found (introduced in 0.4)

Version 0.4
	Cosmetics: percentages are shown on progress bars, elapsed and remaining time, "completed" messages are colored and bold.
	Updated french translation
	Automake files has been made more flexible (this comes from a patch to make the gentoo ebuild)
	Fixed another small IO channels bug (did not set stderr channel to non-blocking)
	Added menubar, no more need for about button
	Added an error dialog when rsync cannot be run (before you could not tell if empty output or unable to run)
	Added little preferences dialog:
		Configurable rsync executable
		Show rsync output by default
		Remember last used session
	Removed "trampoline object" warning (might have caused problems on some architectures)
	Added "rsync info" dialog

Version 0.3.2
	Fixed a bug in IO channels causing some output not be printed at the end (introduced in 0.3.1)

Version 0.3.1
	Added pause button
	Possibly fixed a race condition causing rsync output to block and use all cpu
	More accurate progress parsing
	Global progress parsing for rsync >= 2.6.7 added
	Cleaner IO channel communication with rsync command line program

Version 0.3
	Fixed destination browse button, bug introduced in 0.2.2
	Rsync output parsing:
		Added current file progress meter
		Added global progress meter (needs rsync >= 2.6.1 to work)
		Added label showing current operation
		Rsync output is now hidden, expand when needed, on dryrun by default
	Updated french translation
	Added button to switch source directory with destination
	Session list now ordered by name

Version 0.2.2
	Added command line argument to load specific session instead of "default"
	Added "additional options" text entry field
	Added tooltips for most widgets

Version 0.2.1
	Cleaner compile (removed all warnings, mostly harmless)
	Added swedish translation (thanks Daniel)
	Added french translation (thanks Xavier)
	Removed main window vertical scrollbar (sometimes displays bad)
	Added duplicate session name check and dialog
	Add session text box accepts enter as confirmation (just like pressing the OK button)
	Now using standard GTK AboutBox instead of custom one

Version 0.2
	Added "advanced" tab with more rsync options
	Added "session delete" confirmation dialog
	Added "default session delete" error dialog
	Added rsync executable check at startup
	Added simplified chinese translation (thanks Xie)
	Session name is now shown on title bar
	Added "trailing slash on source directory" message
	Verbose, progress and "preserve time" are now on by default
	Added .desktop file
	Fixed icon name and location
	Added vertical scrollbar on main window (makes porting to maemo easier)
	Added dummy manpage (thanks Daniel)
	Some code cleanup

Version 0.1.2
	Updated icons (thanks Christophe)
	Added dutch translation (thanks Wouter)
	Added italian translation
	Added about dialog
	Some fixes to let all strings be translated

Version 0.1.1
	Added "session" support: remember multiple settings

Version 0.1
	First alpha release