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OPClip: About

OPClip is a shared, multi-platform clipboard. It is very easy to use but provides a useful tool for everyday work on the PC or PDA.
Basicly, you can copy text snippets from the clipboard of a pc or pda to the clipboard of another pc/pda. To exchange information, OPClip uses a file, whose location and name can be customized and of which you can have many. These files can be located on a network shared forlder, in the pocketpc folder on your PC or in any other place accessible by the devices you intend to use the program on. You can even use the program on a single device, providing just an added clipboard.

Legal stuff

The use and distribution of this program is restricted. You can: use it for free, copy and distribute it. You can NOT: modify it, sell it or incorporate it in other products without permission from the Authors. This program is provided AS-IS, use it at your own risk.


• 0.1.2 (2004-08-18): Minimize to system tray (windows only), included about.html in pc install, added version information, bugfixes.
• 0.1.1 (2004-08-14): First beta version of the program.


To install on a windows PC, run the installer you downloaded from the download section and follow the instructions.
For the PocketPC version, download the cab file in the download page and put it, via activesync, bluetooth or any other mean into you PDA. Then run the file explorer and click on the .cab file you just copied. The program will be installed in the default folder.
Upgrade: You can install over a previous version. You should not loose your settings if you uninstall, though.
To configure the program, you have to choose the location and file name of the shared clipboard file. This is easily done by entering the file name with full path in the "shared clipboard" text box. On windows, you can click on the "..." button to use the file explorer for choosing an existing file or creating a new one. On Pocketpc you have two options on the menu: File/Open or File/New.
In case you would like to use the shared folder of activesync as location for the shared clipboard, you must ensure that the option is configured inside activesync (see activesync options). This directory is located, on the pc side, into your documents folder and its name contains your pocketpc machine name. On the PDA side, it's your "my documents" default forlder.


OPClip has two main commands: copy and paste. This two command are accessible on the menu and as hotkeys on the windows version. On the pda version, the are accessible also on the menu button bar. What these two command do is simply copying the contenct of the clipboard of the device you are using to and from the shared clipboard. For example, suppose you are sharing a clipboard file between your pc and your pda. To put a snippet of text form the pc to the pda, copy it on the clipboard of your pc as usual, then paste it into the shared clipboard by hitting CONTROL-SHIFT-V (the default hotkey for paste on OPClip). Now the snippet of text is copied to the shared clipbord. Go to your pda and click on the copy button to have the shared content copied to your local clipboard of the pda. Now you can paste the content as usual on your pocketpc.


Pocket PC Version: Sometimes the program window gets resized wrongly and leaves something of the underlying window visible.


• Ability to deal with other clipboard formats other than UNICODE text.
• Ability to store many text snippets so that you can recall an old text.


For any information, bug report or feature suggestion write to